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tiktok with Bibi

WATCH: Deconstructing Bibi

Like Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu or not, a few things are clear. He is a great orator He uses his hands a lot This next...

“Easter Egg” in Reuters Video on Israeli & Palestinian Reactions to Biden Victory

Watch this Reuters report on the Israeli and palestinian responses to the election of President Joe Biden and see if you can catch the blink-and-you'll-miss-it telling moment
Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour Disseminates News Report Showing Israel and Israelis in Positive Light

I am guessing Sarsour did not give it too much thought.

Namaste Netanyahu: When Satire Meets Reality

Coronavirus is blurring the lines between satire and reality

Netanyahu Defeats Rival Gantz, Fake News Media Declares Three Days of Mourning

As the final votes are being counted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party appears to have defeated the rival Blue and White Party led by the former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

What Made Actor John Cusack Declare “Bernie is the Best”

This is what makes John Cusack feel the Bern in his pants

Big News Expected From Uganda Today; Please May We Get Another Speech from The...

Netanyahu is expected to announce an upgrade in ties with a state with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations

A Tale of Two ‘Octopus’ Bibis

One an optical illusion, the other an antisemitic delusion

Psychological Warfare as Palestinians Claim Israeli Prime Minister Fled Rockets & Abandoned Crowd

Palestinian propaganda claims our Prime Minister reacted to rocket fire by fleeing and abandoning his audience

Canadian Non-Profit Claims Israel is Threatening to Nuke Iran and Others

The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal, operating as a registered non-profit.

Feminist Gloria Steinem Refuses to Come to Israel Even Though No-one Invited Her

You know the story about the person not invited to a party who says "I refuse to go to the party"? Ok, maybe there is no such story, but here's something pretty darn close to it.

India Notices Their PM Features in Our PM’s Election Campaign

The Indians have taken notice of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's election campaign.

Iranian Target Practice

According to some photos first published on Iranian news sites, Iranian Revolutionary Guards soldiers have employed a special motivational way to practice their shooting.

Dear World, You Need To Accept That Israel Is More Right-Leaning And Why This...

By the time you read this post, it should be clear that Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu is going to remain the Israeli PM. Here's why.
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