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My Rant for the Day

Most of the official nominations have been finalized at the so-called Weblog Awards, and, not surprisingly, I have been omitted from the list for...

Shameless Request for Nominations and Money

Nominations for the 2003 Weblog Awards have begun. Someone has already nominated me for Best New Blog, which I appreciate, even if I am...

Was it Something I Ate?

After having spent last night getting intimate with the floor and the better part of this morning having an infusion to relieve my dehydration,...

A Brief Word from Our Founder..

It should have been a tough decision but it wasn't. I have decided to ban a certain individual from commenting on this site, since...

What Was He Thinking?

Thank you to all of you who have publicized my move to Moveable Type. This list includes Imshin, Lynn, Meryl and Gil. Zach of Exposing...

Bye Bye Blogger

Hi and welcome to the new Israellycool blog on Moveable Type. After weeks of tampering and testing, here is the almost final result. I...


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