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image Israeli solider and Arab man and woman

Photo of the Day: Hanukkah Sweet Service

Jerusalem bakery BDS fail
photo display of fresh vegetbles

Photo of the Day: Vegetables in the Shuk

See if you can identify all of these vegetables
image Old City Jerusalem selfie

Photo of the Day: Sigd Selfie

Selfie with the Old City impossible a few years ago

The World According to Erdogan: Muslims Discovered America

Turkey's Erdogan rewrites history
image our hearts will continue to beat as one

Video of Day: Unity

Our hearts will continue to beat as one.
image M Abbas on screen talking of Israel ethnic cleaning Jerusalem

Fires Stoked And Flames Going, Not Just in Jerusalem

Official PA media is urging young people to be violent.
image new planting by Arabs to claim land

Israeli Building, Land Grab, Occupation, and Confiscation

Another old issue being brought up by Arab media to incite.
Idan Raichel band playing for Masa mega event

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, but Smile

To brighten your rainy or change of clock day
screen shot of woman protesting against CNN

CNN Run by AIPAC and Zionists

CNN and media run by Israel

Yehudah Glick Shot, Others under Threat (Updated)

Yehuda Glick survived surgery, suspected shooter killed
imag e3Ban Ki moon in Israel

Ban Ki Moon Back in Jerusalem

Ban Ki Moon occupies Jerusalem - sukkah
image of road show at start

Jerusalem Formula Road Show Stunt Super Stars

Jerusalem Formula Road Show beautiful cars and stunning stunts
image map of Israel in British Mandate 1922

Map of Israel that Could Get World Attention

Jordan would not be happy, but it would make world headlines
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