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image Israeli team in Turkey

Israeli National Team Wins Medal in Turkey

Israel's national gymnastics team won the silver meda
image Shana tova

Shana Tova from Jerusalem

Shana tova, wishing all a good new year.
Zichron Yaakov, policemen

Video of the Day: Israeli Police Roar

Israeli police in new light
image apartheid Israel

Photo of the Day: Israel Bank Apartheid

Jaffa Road was getting back to old routine
image Muslim girls in Israel

Photo of the Day: Arab Girls Eat Falafel Outside

Arab girls sitting outside at a table in one of popular felafel places
feature photo for Titanium Zev video

Titanium Zev

Time for something positive.
US Senator Marco Rubio

Pro-Israel Mensch of the Day: Marco Rubio

Someone in Washington, DC gets it!
image dirty water

Journalist Word of the Night: Scum

"Get lost you Zionist scum"
image Israeli soldier

Israel Under Fire: 15 Seconds

Tired of hearing reporters exclaim how Israel has had so few causalities
image men sleeping on public bench

Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Caught Napping

Same old, same old.
image arabic writing

Looking on the Bright Side

In the Gush, it will not only be bright, but hopefully safer.
image Jerusalem Light Festival 2104

Video of the Day: Jerusalem Light Festival 2014

Jerusalem Light Festival 2014 work at Damascus Gate must see as video
image Arab woman with Israeli women

Photo of the Day: The Party Crasher

Today at the Kotel there were tens of thousands of people on the Western Wall Plaza.  The usual groups of foreign tourists were out...
Israeli soldiers walking near Arab girl

The Shocking Truth about Arab Girl and Israeli Soldiers

There in front of me, I saw an Arab girl surrounded by Israeli soldiers.
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