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WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Palestinian Lies And Incitement

Someone in the US media is finally getting the picture

Marc Lamont Hill Concerned About Palestinians Being Humiliated

But not about Jews being murdered

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Endorses Demographic Destruction Of Israel

But remember, he's just an anti-Zionist, not an anti-Semite.

At Least This Time They Tried?

Yet again, CNN fails with Yemen coverage

CNN Breaking News: Killer Cars!

In the mainstream media, it's never the terrorists' fault.

Zionist Self-Driving Cars Of Death™

Google takes CNN on a ride to Jerusalem.

Mainstream Media Ignores Report Praising IDF Conduct

When it comes to Israel, the mainstream media has a profound and deep-seated sickness.

CNN Fails Again, This Time With Yemen Reporting

Where is CNN's loop montage showing civilian casualties in Yemen?

VIDEO: McCain Tells Obama To Get Over It

Always fun to watch the MSM get confronted with facts.

Clear And Present Danger: Jim Clancy’s Anti Israel Views

Clancy is returning to disparage Israel and those who would defend it in public.

Ding Dong The Jim Is Gone

And of course we’re all wondering where Jim Clancy will end up next, Al Jazeera, BBC and RT are all possibilities.

CNN BREAKING NEWS! Jim Clancy’s Twitter Account Is Missing

This Twitter account is no more. At first we thought it was just stunned, now we know for sure.

This Is CNN: Jim Clancy Goes On Anti-Israel Rant (Updated)

Clancy lets down his guard

More Terror, More Media Bias

Same old story. The terrorists go after Israelis, as do the media


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