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Video: Hanan Ashrawi Spews Hate Paid For By Your Taxes

If you live in the UK, Norway, the US or Ireland, you pay for this woman to spread hate and lies.

Something Is Missing From CNN’s Iraq News Coverage

Civilian casualties in Iraq don't merit any mention on CNN

Matti Friedman Explains Media Bias Against Israel To CNN

I wonder if the CNN interviewer realizes CNN is part of the problem

Anjem Choudary Makes 9-11 Joke

The face of evil

A Savidge Response To Hamas Rocket Fire

This CNN reporter really fell for it this time.

CNN Guest Asks Anchor: Where Are The Hamas Soldiers?

CNN debates, and conveniently provides an example of, moral equivalency in the media.

The Role Of Lethal Journalists In Hamas War Strategy

I hope you are all proud of yourselves, you have more blood on your hands than ever before.

UFC Fighter & IDF Soldier, Noad Lahat, Interviewed By CNN

Mess with the best, die like the rest...

CNN’s Erin Burnett Still Failing At Fairness In Gaza Coverage

Burnett tries, and fails, to rebut Dermer's accusations of distorted Gaza coverage

Bibi Eats Up Sour Candy

Hats off to you, Mr Prime Minister

Dermer Tight As CNN Interview Guest

This is how it's done

Noa Tishby Knows What’s Going On In Gaza

"Some of you may think that because I'm Israeli I may be bias. That Hamas can't be THAT bad."
Michael Bloomberg speaking in Jerusalem

Bloomberg Fires Back on CNN

Must see response to questions in CNN interview


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