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The Dark Side Of Code Pinker Ariel Gold

Her Facebook page reveals much about her and her views

Hamas, Code Pink And Me

Linda continues her story

Medea Benjamin, Caterpillar Shareholder

The big fat liar is also apparently a big fat hypocrite

For Your Amusement (Park)

A reader contribution too good not to share

Separated At Birth: Clown Edition

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin is a clown in more ways than one

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Jailed In Egypt On Way To Gaza (Updated)

And you can call her to express your feelings about it

Code Pink Crazy’s Fundraising Campaign Reaches Code Red Status

BDSHole Cat Watters' fundraising seems to have hit a snag. No-one wants to donate

BDS Fail Of The Day

?Because a gaggle of tone-deaf fugly women and old codgers in pink bath robes has "fail" written all over it.

BDS Fail Of The Day

The latest abomination by the Code Pinkos

Pink, The Color of Hypocrisy

The Code Pinkos are back with a new video, starring Medea "Skeletor" Benjamin and the Cake Moron.
code pinko

Moron of the Day

This Code Pinko is a fruit looking for a cake to happen.

A Patchwork Pink

Do you remember the Robin Williams movie Patch Adams? As sad as the movie was, it is not as sad as the real Patch Adams.

Bags of A Feather Flock Together

Here's something else for evil old bag Helen Thomas to cry about.


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