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Wednesday Night Comedy

Of the unintentional variety

Tuesday Morning Comedy

Make sure you watch this until the end

Don’t Imply We Are Violent Or We’ll Hurt You

This joke appeared on the BBC earlier this year

Friday Morning Humor

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

How To Deal With The UK Rioters

From classic English comedy sketch show Not the Nine O'Clock News.

Wednesday Night Comedy

From Israeli comedy skit show Ketsarim.

Latma Presents: Guns, Guns, Guns

Another Latma home run

Thursday Morning Comedy

Crazy Aussies

Wednesday Morning Comedy

Yes we Caan.

Thursday Afternoon Comedy

Just because I feel like a laugh.

Apple iBoy

Introducing the latest from Apple (at least according to Israel's Eretz Nehederet)

Friday Morning Comedy

Charlie Sheen's former Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer responds to the former's comments that he is a troll.
malvern star

Wednesday Evening Comedy

This Australian advertisement for Malvern Star bikes is a real crack-up.


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