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no laughing matter

No Laughing Matter

..takes on Hamas.

We Con The World

The video that went viral, despite being removed by YouTube.

Australia vs Alabama Celebrity Death Match

In the latest version of There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly (or Chad Gadya for my Jewish and/or Passover-aware readers), US...

Tuesday Night Comedy

This Seinfeld routine is somehow appropriate given recent events. Update: And another.


It's funny because it's true.

Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed

Rumors of his death seem to have been greatly exaggerated. The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political...

Friday Morning Comedy

Some unintentional humor from an Iman who answers the question "Does Islam say kill people of other faiths?," incredulous that people could even think...

Chanukah – Fourth Night

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert being funny

Chanukah – Third Night

Former-Catholic-turned-Orthodox-Jew Yisrael Campbell.

Friday Morning Comedy

Today I bring you the best from one of my favorite comedies, Zoolander. Meanwhile, Ben Stiller has confirmed there will be a sequel. Interesting fact: From...

Tuesday Night Comedy

Jim Carrey can either be funny or just plain obnoxious. Here he is being funny.

Friday Morning Comedy

I am sure many men can relate to this. I mean, other men. I have no idea what this is about. (hat tip: Noah)

Wednesday Evening Comedy


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