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WATCH: Adam Sandler’s Latest Hanukkah Song

With Hanukkah approaching, now seems like a good time as any to post Adam Sandler's latest version of his classic song

WATCH: Hamburger Hummus!

Hilarious new web series designed to promote Israel

WATCH: Hipster Or Hasidic?

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

A Bit Of Israeli Dark Humor

Because G-d knows we can do with the laugh

Palestinians Take Note: How To Not Murder

It's all about the strawberries

Friday Morning Funny: David Blatt’s Ummerican Anthem

David Blatt likes to say "umm." Jimmy Kimmel likes to be funny. Here's the result.

Watch: Take a Break – Kosher Butcher

James Corden, takes over the shift of a Western Kosher employee. Kosher hilarity ensues.

Watch: Bill Maher Explaining A Joke To Idiots

I can relate to this (as the joke teller..not the idiot....hopefully)

New Daily Show Host Hates Israel More Than Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart looks like a Zionist in comparison to this guy

Friday Afternoon Funny: Cookie Monster, Life Coach

It's all about the cookie

Tuesday Night Funny: John Oliver Takes On Israeli Election Ads

An outsider's look at some of the Israeli elections ads to which we have been subjected


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