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Concentration Camp Gaza: Ramadan Edition

TRT World has put out this video about Ramadan in Gaza. But perhaps it is more TMI than TRT, as far as the anti-Israel crowd is concerned

Frolicking on Gaza Beach

Just some photos from Gaza that will have you scratching your head

MUST WATCH: Gaza’s Thriving Economy

It actually makes me almost want to visit. Alas, the bloodthirsty terrorists and Hitler store kind of put me off.

“Concentration Camp” Gaza’s Latest Barracks

Thank you to the antisemitic Palestinian Information Center, which I find ever so helpful!

Horsing Around In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

What an anti Israel site posted in all seriousness right after posting about the "terrible" conditions in Gaza

Independent Think Tank: Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Is Fake News

"One of the most widespread myths about Gaza is that it is wallowing in poverty"

WATCH: Restaurants In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

More disturbing scenes from the world's "largest open-air prison/concentration camp"

Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza’s New Mall

Just like Auschwitz.

Gaza’s Metro Market Really Terrible At Boycotting Israel

It seems Gazans are terrible at BDS

New Mall To Soon Open In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Another luxury mall coming soon

WATCH: Hamas Does Hasbara

Good job Hamas!

More Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza…Brought To Us By A Hater

Thanks for the photos, Farah. You saved me time having to look!

Israel Intercepts Rocket And Tunnel Supplies Headed For Gaza

And this is why there is a blockade


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