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Co-opting Carlos’ Corona Cretinery

Antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff sure loves himself a cartoon blaming palestinian coronavirus cases on Israel

Latest Libel: Israel Demolishes a Palestinian Coronavirus Testing Center

The Israel haters have been reporting that Israel demolished a palestinian drive-through coronavirus testing centre in Hebron.

Gazans Still Seem Determined to Kill Their Kids

Anti-Israel site the Palestine Chronicle has tweeted out these photos in another attempt to demonize Israel

Gazans Throw Social Distancing into the Sea

This is what is happening in "concentration camp" Gaza

How To Maintain the Propaganda When Life’s a Beach for You in Gaza

What to do when Gaza is not as it is being portrayed

Peak Palestinian Response to Vital Medical Equipment from the United Arab Emirates

A few days ago, a direct flight to Israel from Abu Dhabi landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport with equipment to help palestinians in the "West Bank" and the Gaza Strip deal with the coronavirus pandemic

The New York Times Isn’t Even Pretending Anymore

With the Israeli Defense Ministry’s research-and-development arm doing its darndest to battle Covid-19, David Halbfinger, Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times, just couldn't help himself

Iranian Huckster’s Piss-Poor Effort to Exploit the Coronavirus

Didn't consuming weird animal sh*t get us in this mess to begin with?

Gazans Continue to Be Their Own Worst Enemies When It Comes to Preventing the...

Gazans are not acting responsibly when it comes to social distancing and other measures to curtail the spread of the virus.

Linda Sarsour Disseminates News Report Showing Israel and Israelis in Positive Light

I am guessing Sarsour did not give it too much thought.

Did PA Have Anti-Israel Website Take Down Report About PA Spokesperson Making Antisemitic Slur?

Last week, PA government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem made an antisemitic slur during one of his press conferences.


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