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Great News for the World, Terrible News for the Israel-Haters

Israeli scientists are reportedly on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus

Palestinian Ministry of Health Announces The Arrival of Coronavirus in “Palestine”

Quds News Network have posted a video announcing the arrival of coronavirus in "Palestine."

WATCH: Hebrew-Speaking Chinese Man to Israelis: My People Are Touched By Your Prayers For...

What could be better than watching a Chinese man speaking fluent Hebrew? Answer: Watching a Chinese man speak fluent Hebrew about millions of Chinese being touched by our prayers for them as they face the coronavirus.

Life Imitates Art: Palestinians Burn Tyres in Response to Coronavirus Scare

Palestinian Arabs have burned tires 'Day of Rage' style at the entrance to a Jericho hospital after rumors of coronavirus patients in the hospital spread
Mahmoud Abbas

Not the Onion: Mahmoud Abbas Offers China Help in Battling Coronavirus

Sometimes, the punchlines almost write themselves

Arab News Sites Duped By Israeli’s Coronavirus Meme

Arab news sites Shehab News and Alwatan Voice have posted that Israeli news anchor Yonit Levi appeared on air with a surgical mask


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