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The Day In Israel: Tuesday April 13th, 2010

In an interview with ABC, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that an Israeli strike on Iran would mean a global catastrophe. An Israeli strike...

The Day In Israel: Thursday Dec 24th, 2009

Syrian Dorktator Bashar al-Assad said that peace talks with Israel have been stalled because Israel was not interested in achieving peace. "We discussed today the...

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2009

After marathon talks last night, Gilad Shalit's fate seems no clearer, with the Prime Minister's Offices stating that the negotiation "have instructed the negotiation...

The Day In Israel: Mon Nov 2nd, 2009

Relatives of the Jewish man arrested on suspicion of deadly terror shootings and bombings have justified his actions, calling them "heroic acts of resistance." Naa,...

The Day In Israel: Fri Oct 30th, 2009

Ha'aretz reports that the Holocaust-denying leader of the PA who has not ruled out "resistance" against Israel is allegedly deeply suspicious of Israeli Prime...

The Day In Israel: Sun Oct 25th, 2009

The US Congress is expected to vote in favor on a bipartisan bill calling on US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary...


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