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Some Hidden Messages In Trump’s Speech To Leaders Of Numerous Islamic States

Brian's observations on President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia

Trump And The Mysterious Glowing Orb

You won't believe what happened next

WATCH: Trump Anti-Terrorism Speech in Saudi Arabia, And My Observations

Video of the speech, followed by my comments

Trump, The Muslim Ban, and BDS

Anyone who recognizes the "true intent" behind President Trump's Muslim Ban must also recognize the true intent behind BDS

Who Can Trust The News Anymore?

I'm having serious trust issues with the mainstream media

WATCH: What Mahmoud Abbas Really Said At White House Press Conference

Think you know what Mahmoud Abbas was saying in Arabic yesterday? Think again!

Analyzing The Spoken And Unspoken At Today’s Trump-Abbas Press Conference

My observations on today's press conference

Update On The Not Right-Wing Antisemitism Bomb Threats

Not ideological, just a little startup from a bedroom.

Mainstream Media’s Selective Outrage Over Antisemitism In US

Why is mainstream media phoning in stories of certain kind of Jew hatred, where they haven’t paid attention before?

Critics Fear Trump Mid-East Policy May Cause Renewed Outbreak of Thomas Friedman

Critics fear region may face a renewed outbreak of Thomas Friedman

My Key Takeaways From The Trump-Netanyahu Press Conference

My thoughts following the press conference


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