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Reader Post: Torah And Trump

Finding inspiration and insight from Torah to guide us in such challenging times.

Promising Start On Middle East From New US Administration

Not one, but two, promising signs from the new US Administration, when it comes to dealings with the palestinians.

The Contagious #FakeNews Epidemic Infects Times Of Israel

TOI with a journalism fail yet again

WATCH: Most Disturbing Thing I Have Seen So Far From Anti-Trump Protests

I have seen a lot of disturbing scenes from the recent anti-Trump protests, but this probably takes the cake for me

The Forward’s Ridiculous Claim Of No Palestine Hijacking At Women’s March

The Forward conjures up some more rubbish

Message To The Rabbis Rewriting Prayer For Success Of New US President

They do not speak for me or my religion

Photo Of The Day: Making Billboard Advertising Great Again Edition

Spotted on a building in Jerusalem

WATCH: Make Israeli-USA Relationship Great Again

Israel’s Batman has a message for Superman.

Roger Waters’ Latest Display Of Shameless Hypocrisy

Another example of this man's selective indignation

Reader Post: Address the Biggest Threat First

What is the real threat?

WATCH: Nir Barkat Thinks Donald Trump WILL Move The Embassy To Jerusalem

"Jerusalem is the center and the heart and soul of the Jewish people"

The Real Problem With J Street

Here's the real problem with J Street, and it's not what people think.


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