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WATCH: Latest Transparent Palestinian Attempt to Co-Opt Anti-Trump Protests

Nothing subtle about this attempt to exploit anger against Donald Trump to foment even more hatred against Israel.

I’ll Admit it – I Screwed Up

Lex tries to process what happened on Tuesday in the wake of the millenialpocalypse.

WATCH: Students for Justice in Palestine Call For Intifada – In the US!

The Israel haters' disturbing call for violence

Pure Hypocrisy

The Left claims to be about inclusiveness, freedom and open-mindedness.

Reactions To Trump Election Way More Disturbing Than Anything Else

iIf you are more disturbed by the results than some of the reactions to it, you might be part of the problem

President Trump? A Note Of Optimism From Someone Who Did Not Vote For Him

Although I’m concerned about the future, I don’t really think it will be the doom and gloom that my liberal friends are forecasting

Roger Waters Bashes Israel, Donald Trump (Video)

Roger Waters seems to be passionate about two things: making music and bashing Israel

Not Sure You Want To Go There, Roger

Hypocrite and a-hole extraordinaire

Of Skittles And Jews

Trump dumbs it down and responses are even dumber.

Manufactured Outrage And Max Blumenthal’s Hidden Horror

While social media erupts over a red star, everyone looks the other way when Max spews Jew hatred.


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