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Better Get A Replacement Car Ready

One fault on a new car after 6000km is not unusual. Getting a replacement car on the very edge of what is a long holiday weekend is very unusual.

100 Days In A Better Place

Driving an electric car in Israel: the numbers.

Boldly Going Where (hardly any) Electric Vehicles Have Gone Before

Hello, my name is Daud and I'd like to buy a car like that

How Can I Drive To Eilat?

Here's the video to show you how its done.

Better Occupation Profiteer War Crimes

You've got to have a pretty warped view of the world to think making it a Better Place is a bad thing for anybody

Better Place Ambassador Brian

In what I think is a first for me, my twittering and blogging scored me an invite to an international conference

Better Place Distance Dash

1,150 km or 715 miles in a single day in a battery powered electric car. On real roads, with real people: no test track and using infrastructure open to anyone who buys a car. An Amazing Achievement.

London: Investing In Future Transport

August 16th London, get in touch if you'll be there

Better Place Is So Good It’s Boring

Goodbye Gas Hello Electric

I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Any Balance

Journalists are asking me for negative stories about Better Place. Sorry.

I’d Love To Try This Road Trip In A Tesla Model S

But it would cost you $10,000 upgrade fee just to make this trip

She’s Not For Everyone

But I rather like this new advert from Better Place

Shai Agassi Did What He Said He Would

Another two Better Place battery switch stations opened: Kaduri & Kastina


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