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From the country that brought us Antisemitic Railway Employee comes Antisemitic Foreign Aggressor of Immigrant Origin

Still Hoping The Bad Apples Are “The Minority”

If these next videos don't alarm you, I don't know what will

Europe’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

The Palestinization Of UNESCO By Bat Ye'or

New Right Old Wrong – Counter Jihad Is Not Left Or Right

Brian of London posts about his experience touring the area known as the Shomron with a delegation of politicians from Europe.

The Kaffiyeh Has Become a Bit of a Joke, Hasn’t It!

At first I, too, was horrified by the spread of the Kaffiyeh for fashion. It always reminded me of Arafat, therefore it was evil....


Ha'aretz reports: Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema termed the assassination of Imad Mughniyah "terror" in an interview to be published Friday in the popular Italian...

Belgian Waffle

Let her try:Member of the European Parliament for Belgium V?©ronique De Keyser stated in an address that she would like to ‚Äústrangle‚Äù Israel's ambassador...

The Islamicization of Antwerp

Here is a must-read editorial from the Washington Times, which illustrates how Europe is being taken over by radical Islam, while those who speak...


As predicted, Israel's entry in this year's Eurovision song contest did not fair well, placing second last.   But before you despair, just consider who actually...

Sad, Dam(n) Art

In the wake of the Cartoon Intifada, a Belgian town has banned a piece of art depicting Saddam Hussein in his underpants A town in...

Israelis Winning and Grinning

Israel's Shiri Maimon has done us proud, placing fourth in the in the Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, I thought she should have won....


Make no mistake about it: anti-Semitism is flourishing.   Up until fairly recently, the European nations had been more or less low-key when it came to expressing their...

A Whole Lot of Hot Cold Air

It seems that all of a sudden, everyone's the fashion police....The media, and indeed many left-leaning bloggers, are having a field day criticizing US...


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