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WATCH: Interview With German Israel Advocate Andreas Boldt In Wake Of Berlin Terror Attack

Orit interviews Andreas about the terrorist attack at the Berlin Christmas market and what is going through the minds of average Germans

White House Condemnation Of Berlin Terror Attack Not Like Condemnation Of Israel Terror Attacks

The hypocrisy and double standards have never been so evident

German Teacher’s Union Wants To Party Like It’s 1933

Endorsing the boycott call of a known hater

The German Intifada

What went wrong?

Al Quds Day #EpicFail in Berlin

An eye witness account from Orit in Germany

Anti-Semites Of The World – Rejoice!

There is no point in leaders of the free world condemning antisemitism when they themselves contribute so much towards it.

5 Signs You’re In A Muslim Migrant Berlin Neighborhood [Photo Essay]

Orit's observations from her new country of residence
Israeli and German military officers talking

Modern Day Hanukkah Miracle

Thanks for this Miracle, Joachim Gauck

Don’t Leave The Germans Hanging

“We are seriously considering turning your account over to a collection agency called Mossad Collections Inc.”


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