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How To Spot A Jihadist

Two different approaches to spotting a jihadist

Video: Palestinians Thank UK Parliament For Backing Palestinian Statehood, In Style

As well as the US for their monetary support, the way they know how

Israel-Hating Bullies Behaving Badly (Yet Again)

A group of rabid Israel haters have been expelled from a talk with Israel's ambassador to the UK

Anti-Israel Moron Of The Day

Because you can't spell "dumbass" without BDS

British Muslims Get Happy

And not everyone's..happy

Dial D For “Dumbass”

This would actually be funny if it wasn't so not funny

Hi, I’m New Here, An Arab Zionist and Former Muslim

Hello everyone! I'm the guy in Dave's last post

Where Prince Charles Honors Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

I'm not a huge fan of the Prince, but this is a pretty good speech, the mention of Arsenal notwithstanding

Some Good Old Fashioned Antisemitism From Britain

A British lawyer who said she “cannot stand Jewish people” has been found guilty of discrimination by a disciplinary panel.

Prince Charles Taking Arabic Lessons

Just curious or good planning?

Chief Bobblehead Rabbi?

The Bobblehead Rabbi has indicated he might accept the position of UK Chief Rabbi if it was offered to him

People’s Right To Peacefully Protest

Oh dear, have you checked up on whether the Syrian people have the right to "peacefully protest"?


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