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prince charles

He’s Not the Messiah, He’s a Very Lazy Boy

Royal pain in the butt Prince Charles has decided he was put on this planet for a purpose.
palestinian clouseau

The Day In Israel: Sunday Aug 1st, 2010

IAF jets have struck two smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza in response to a Qassam which hit the roof of a building in an educational institution located in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, outside of Sderot.
Salam Fayyad

The Day In Israel: Thursday May 13th, 2010

With Israeli-British relations nosediving in recent times, there are some positive signs for Israel regarding the new British government. Such as new British foreign secretary...

The Demise of a Scumbag

One of the positives to come out of the UK election that returned a hung parliament is the demise of George Galloway, who showed what a coward he truly is.
anthony michael hall

The Day In Israel: Monday May 3rd, 2010

Israel and the PA are set to begin to so-called indirect peace talks this week. First step: agree on which topic with which to start! Prime...
Salam Fayyad

The Day In Israel: Tuesday April 27th, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Hamas claims it has morals. Senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Zahar on Monday condemned the animation video released by Hamas' military wing, the Izz...

Response From the British Advertising Standards Authority

Israellycool reader Lyn wrote to the British Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) regarding their decision to uphold the complaint of one lone individual, who took...

Israel Tourism Ad Ban Oddity

Yesterday, I blogged about the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling that the Israeli tourism advert containing the Kotel/Wailing Wall breached truthfulness guidelines and...

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Mar 23rd, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Israeli sources described Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of...

Terminal Stupidity

I'm beginning to think the world's easiest job is the guy who checks the job applications of prospective baggage handlers. All he needs to do...


No, the title of this post is not a reference to the punchline of a popular circumcision joke, but rather a Daily Mail report...

The Day In Israel: Thursday Feb 18th, 2010

In the wake of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh's killing and passportgate, Israel's ambassadors to the United Kingdom and Ireland have been summoned to explain the "identity...

The Day In Israel: Tues Nov 3rd, 2009

Arab UN delegates yesterday circulated a draft resolution that would require UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to bring the Goldstone report before the Security Council. Meanwhile.....

Guess the Profession

Can you guess the profession of the Muslim man in the center holding the inflammatory sign against British troops in Iraq? a) Proctologist b) Standup comedian c)...


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