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WATCH: More Facebook Nazi Translation Problems

Now Facebook seems to say that all Germany are The Nazis!

“Am Israel Chai” Violates Facebook Community Standards

More Facebook shame.

WATCH: The Truth About Brian’s Facebook Video On Israeli TV

Israeli TV Channel 10 Program “Hatzinor” featured my Facebook video about geographic hiding of Jew hatred.

And Then A Human Being Showed Up

This is my question for YouTube: does spurious reporting carry consequences for the other side?

YouTube Convicts Brian Of Spreading Hate Speech (Updated)

My video exposing hate speech is hate speech according to YouTube.

WATCH: Facebook Doesn’t Let Israelis Learn Truth About Jews (Updated)

You can share blood libels about Jews killing and eating Christians, but Facebook will hide it from Jews.

WATCH: The Facebook Incitement Experiment

The Facebook experiment that confirms what we've known all along.
Sunrise view with Golda quote on arabs loving their children

Quoting Golda Meir

Remembering Golda on anniversary of her death

BDSM. What’s A Safe Word?

Internet troll level: Expert

Reader Post: Reflections On The French Flag Filter

Sheri asks "Do you love it or hate it when you see people putting the French flag filter over their Facebook profile pics?"

Dutch Call On Facebook To Beat Up Israelis In Holland (Updated)

Abbas lies and this guy calls for Israelis to die in Holland.

Hey BDSHoles, There’s Always MySpace

Another BDS fail

What Happens In Public On Facebook Is Owned By Facebook

The copyright status messages are a hoax: but there is stuff you should know about posting in public on Facebook.


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