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Fatah Facebook Community Standards

There is no Fatah corruption at Rafah terminal (any more).

How Hamas And Fatah Work Together To Perpetuate The Conflict

And what Israel and the US can do about it

Fatah Slams Hamas For Stealing Humanitarian Aid Money & Arresting Journalists

Fatah are clearly on the warpath against Hamas.

Media Misses The Real Point With Palestinian Pool-Gate Story

The media have not been asking the right question

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Claims Star Of David As Islamic Symbol

Here's the shocking part: Some of this is actually true

Hey Hey We’re Jihadis

Crazy (murderous) kids!

Palestinians Take A Stab At New Product

Quite the inventive bunch

Reader Post: Confessions Of A Pro-Palestinian Activist In Hebron 2007

"ISM uses only non-violent means of resistence, but if Palestinians chooses to use violence our job is to shield them."

New Round Of Hamas-Fatah Smackdown

While the rich Hamasholes in Gaza are getting fatter, Fatah are trying to get the Hamasholes.

Who Ate All The Aid?

“There is still an excess of food products in the Gaza Strip” - Palestinian Prime Minister


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