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Hello…Is There Anybody IN There…

The Turkish Tourism Office in Tel-Aviv seems like a lonely place these days.

I’m Shocked, Shocked I Tell You

Who'd have thought?

New Flotilla On Its Way

There's a new flotilla on its way to Gaza. It's mission: to provoke Israel and undermine our security

Quote Of The Day

You can quote this one next time someone tells you Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is illegal

The Prisoners

A couple of flytillards with really bad teeth film their time in Israeli prison

Israeli Navy Brutality Towards Flotillards

Photographic proof
jewish octopus

Tuesday Night Comedy Gold

I am coming off a day-long fast, so I really appreciated this laugh.

On Their Way

The flotillards have announced that the Dignité/Karama ship is on its way to Gaza
obi wan kenobi

Obi Wan Larudee?

You be the judge

Flotilla Ship Leaves Greece

Free Gaza has announced that one of the boats of its flotilla has left Greece, and is on its way to Gaza.

Busing The BDS-Holes

Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Death Bus.TM

Easing The Blockade, My A**

In case it is not already abundantly clear to you that the flotillards are not about "easing the blockade" but rather faciliating the destruction of the state of Israel.

Eagle Eye’s View Of Flytilla Airport Welcome

Larry Derfner, the Jerusalem Post's token leftist and former blogging partner of Richard Silverstein, whines about the "welcoming" given to him and the flytillards at Ben Gurion airport on Friday.
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