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Being Fair

I believe very strongly in fairness, but it must be real fairness

WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Stars in Israeli Advertisement

FINALLY putting those rumors of him being anti-Israel to rest

Reader Post: BDSBowl

Something for the BDSHoles to boycott..but they won't

Israeli Touchdown in Spain

Humdinger of a football game in Spain

Israel Gets The Boot From Asian Soccer…. Again

Who wants to be part of Asia anyway?

Hatikva Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

30000 soccer fans sing the Israeli National Anthem - Hatikva

Conspiracy Crazy Commons

"The Iranian President said that certain intelligence agencies put blades in the hands of madmen” and one UK MP thinks he may have a point.

Dutch Football Club Throws The Jew Down The Well

Faced with the opportunity to stand up to injustice, what does Dutch Football Club Vitesse Arnhem do?

Thank You Nicolas Anelka

Now we have another way to identify Jew-hating a-holes

More Nazi Salute Footballers

Samir Nasri of Manchester City and Mamadou Sakho of Liverpool Nazi salute

Rob’s Rude Awakening

English footballer Rob Earnshaw has learned what it's like to experience a rocket attack in Israel. Not to mention the resilience of Israelis

Stadiums of Hate

With the 2012 Euros under way, here is a disturbing documentary on the blatant racism and antisemitism of Polish and Ukrainian soccer hooligans

Netanyahu’s Slippery Slope

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu participated in a soccer match with Jewish and Arab youths. Unfortunately for him, things did not exactly go according to plan


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