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Fallout From Antisemitism At UNC’s Gaza Conflict Conference

Remember Ami Horowitz's latest video in which he exposed the blatant antisemitism at a Duke/UNC conference on the Gaza conflict?It turns out there has been some fallout.

WATCH: Blatant Antisemitism At UNC’s Gaza Conflict Conference

Ami Horowitz sure has a knack of capturing the ugly truth about the Israel haters. And he's done it yet again.

Palestinians: Hamas Using Our People As Human Shields And Other “Uncomfortable” Truths

The Gaza News Agency Twitter account pulls no punches in tweeting many things we already know about Hamas, but are rarely spoken about from the palestinian side.

Truth & Lies in BBC Report About Gaza Animal Rescue

A BBC report about the rescue of animals from Rafah Zoo proves me right. But it wouldn't be the BBC without some lies against Israel.

Hamas Accuses PA of Helping Israel To…Save Civilian Lives

It looks like Hamas and PA will not be on each others' Ramadan card list any time soon, with Hamas now accusing the PA of the crime of helping Israel during the latest Gaza strikes.

Haniyeh, I Blew Up The Office

An Israeli Air Force production

The Idiot’s Guide to Ceasefires

Hamas seems to have a hard time understanding the concept of a ceasefire

Missiles Flying Over My Head This Morning

This was way to the north of me in areas I’ve never seen listed on my Red Alert missile warning app.

Reasons Palestinians Cannot Have a State #29

As if there weren't enough reasons already

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Hamas vs The Protesters

Because you know this is actually going to happen

Hamas Brutalizing Gazan Protesters. World Yawns.

Do me a favor. Type in "Hamas Gaza" into Google right now. What you won't find are reports about what Hamas is doing in Gaza against its own people right now - at least not from non-Israeli media.

IDF Responds To Declaration of War With Amazing Restraint

Following last night's rocket attack on Tel Aviv (population of approx. 444,000, including tens of thousands of Arabs), the IDF has responded by striking Gazan targets.


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