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Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Baby in the Box Edition

A palestinian "journalist" has tweeted this heartbreaking photo from Gaza. Except it isn't.

Another Attempted Palestinian Propaganda Snow Job

"A poor palestinian girl trembles from the freezing cold in Gaza because of the Israeli occupation"?

Al Jazeera Disseminates The Very Flood Libel It Had Already Admitted Was Nonsense

Al Jazeera Balkans reports as fact something Al Jazeera had already debunked

“Concentration Camp” Gaza Gets a New Train

Introducing "concentration camp" Gaza's latest attraction: the Train of Return

Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Beach Music Edition

A Twitter account called We Are Not Numbers #Gaza has tweeted out the following

‘Death to America’ Fail of the Day

Seen in Gaza

Return of the Flood Libel

An old "friend" makes a return

Another Palestinian-Israel Story You Won’t Find in the Mainstream Media

Five nurses from the Gaza Strip and 11 from the "West Bank" were in Israel this week for four days of medical training

Amazing Chutzpah From Israeli Pro-Palestinian NGO

Chutzpah personified

Some of the Barracks in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Some of the properties on offer from OSOSS Real Estate, a real estate company located in Gaza


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