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Time Capsule Unearthed Shire Network News From The Archives

It turns out that a conservative podcast, fighting against political correctness and the creep of the far-left did exist more than a decade ago.

Why AP’s Latest Gazan “Sob Story” Is Actually Worth Highlighting

The Associated Press has a report about a Gazan actor and playwright who can't attend the Sundance Film Festival, where his documentary about Gaza will be showing. It is the usual sob story, except for an important fact.

WATCH: Shopping in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

This next video is a Vlog of some kids shopping in a supermarket in Gaza. And once again, it shows the real Gaza - not the one you are seeing from the haters and their accomplices in the mainstream media.

Latest Libel: Israel Partially Responsible for Killing Gaza Zoo Lions

The Israel haters are out in full force, doing their usual lying thing. Or should that be lion?

Know Your History: The Battle of Gaza (NY Times April 15, 1917)

When the New York Times reported factually

Gaza’s New Bottom Feeders

The latest from "Concentration Camp" Gaza

Rise of the Palestinian Superbug: The Guardian Strikes Again!

The Guardian has a report on "an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant superbugs," and all that's missing are the words EVERYBODY PANIC!! Well, that and any semblance of good journalism or objectivity

Sprung! Israel Haters Caught Trying to Scam People Out of Money

My friend Ari stumbled upon a fundraiser for a young girl from Gaza named Noor. Except Noor from Gaza did not exist, except as a character in a Pallywood production

Palestinian Propaganda Fail: Water Talkin’ About Willis Edition

Palestinian propaganda outlet Pal+ has produced a video claiming the main cause of death in Gaza is the water.

Latest Blood Libel: The Death of 4-Year-Old Ahmed Abu Abed

A number of Israel haters, like Jenny Tonge, are claiming Israeli snipers murdered 4-year-old Ahmed Abu Abed, shooting him in the eye.
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