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“Concentration Camp” Gaza is Back in Vogue

Vogue has published a piece about a Gaza-based fashion designer. That's right, "concentration camp" Gaza has fashion designers

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Death Wish Edition

Israel-haters have been posting photos of Ikram Alastal, an 81-year-old maths teacher from Gaza who decided to bring students to her house and teach them after the schools in Gaza were closed due to COVID-19.

Latest Libel: Israel Murdered Palestinian Fishermen

Yesterday, anti-Israel Facebook page Quds News Network posted the following "Breaking News"

Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK Calls News of Rocket Fire in...

Yesterday, history was made at the White House, with Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain signing the Abraham Accords, with US President Donald Trump presiding over the ceremony. At the same time, palestinian terrorists in Gaza repeated history, firing rockets in to Israel

Tragedy in Gaza: Who is to Blame?

Anti-Israel propaganda site Quds News Network posts about the tragic death of three children in Gaza - and we all know who they are trying to blame

WATCH: 6-Year-Old Gazan Boy Speaks About An “Upsetting Issue”

Remember 11-year-old Abdel Rahman al-Shantti, the rapping Gazan boy who wants peace with us? 6-year-old fellow Gazan boy Ramdan Jazar is nothing like him.

Palestinian Boy Gets a Bad Rap For Expressing Desire for Peace with Israel

Abdel Rahman al-Shantti learns a hard lesson about his people

Al Jazeera is Full of Hot Air in Reporting on Incendiary Balloon Terrorists

With Israel being subjected to incessant incendiary and explosive balloon attacks, Al Jazeera has published a report that is, to put it mildly, peak Al Jizz

Reuters Dishes Up a Surprise With A Taste Of “Concentration Camp” Gaza

"Concentration camp" Gaza has a new "chow hall", which brings a taste of the Maldives to Gaza. And even Reuters has noticed

BDS-Hole Comes Out of Their Shell to Reveal Their True Feelings About Using Violence

Seems to me like this BDS supporter likes the idea of violence against Israelis, or at the very least finds it amusing

Co-opting Carlos’ Corona Cretinery

Antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff sure loves himself a cartoon blaming palestinian coronavirus cases on Israel

Gazans Still Seem Determined to Kill Their Kids

Anti-Israel site the Palestine Chronicle has tweeted out these photos in another attempt to demonize Israel

Drake Gets Israel-Haters (Momentarily) Excited With Mention of “Gaza” In New Song

On his latest track Only You released yesterday, Drake includes a few lines with Arabic - including a reference to Gaza - leading some Israel haters to get rather excited.

Fixing a Palestinian Propaganda Graphic

A group called Interpal tweeted this propaganda graphic. I won't have a bar of it.


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