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Palestinians Culturally Appropriate Popular Israeli Snack

Meet Shatawi, otherwise known as Krembo

Palestinian Information Center Scores Own Goal With Gaza Guava Guyᵀᴹ

Anti-Israel propaganda Facebook page Palestinian Information Center introduces us to Gaza Guava Guy. But not all is as it seems.

Gaza Zoo Re-opens With Rampant Animal Abuse for ‘Entertainment of Locals’

The infamous Rafah Zoo in Gaza, where animals were rescued from mistreatment and appalling conditions, yet the owner blamed Israel? It's been reopened and it's as appalling as ever, with cramped conditions accompanied by rampant animal abuse.

PFLP Reportedly Downed Drone…Belonging to Islamic Jihad

If this report is to be believed, we might just have found yet another terrorists dronego

Psychological Warfare as Palestinians Claim Israeli Prime Minister Fled Rockets & Abandoned Crowd

Palestinian propaganda claims our Prime Minister reacted to rocket fire by fleeing and abandoning his audience

Pallywood: The Fall Guy Edition

What do you think? I am calling this as Pallywood.

Back to School…In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

This video, taken by some popular Gazan Youtubers, shows you a different take on the school in Gaza - the (private) al Nasr Model Islamic School

Shirley Temper (Inadvertently) Helps Spread the Word That Gaza is No “Concentration Camp”

Thanks to 'Shirley Temper' Ahed Tamimi for drawing our attention to this video of Gaza

Gazan Flees Hamas and Dies of an Illness. Haters Blame it on Israel

Prominent Gazan activist Tamer Fathi al-Sultan has died overseas, and as we see so often with palestinian narratives, there are a few versions as to the cause of his death

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal” of the Day: Children of the Corn

This video is supposed to demonize Israel and paint life in Gaza as unbearable. But unfortunately for PAL+, the vision betrays the truth.

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: The Neighsayer

Welcome to Gaza - the world's only "concentration camp"/"open-air prison" where the inmates own their own horses

Life’s a Beach in Gaza

Yet anti-Israel propagandists would like the world believe Gaza is a "concentration camp" and "open air prison."


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