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Lion-Sized Cruelty in Gaza

Remember Rafah Zoo?

WATCH: Decadence is a Piece of Cake in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Welcome to "concentration camp" Gaza, where an inmate spends $800 on a gold-covered cupcake for his sister, who is getting married.

Fake News From Gaza News

Anti-Israel Facebook page Gaza News has posted this sob story

Deconstructing an Israel-Hating Tweet

How to answer the haters.

Bill’s Bogus Views

Actor Alex Winter is just another celebrity on the wrong side

Israel-Hater Caught Lying About Her “Innocent” Cousin Killed in Gaza

A "palestinian American" named Alexandra Halaby has been caught in a lie

Bernie Sanders Lame Response to Attempted Murder of Israelis Still Draws Hate From Many...

Bernie Sanders' response was anything but pro-Israel, yet many of his supporters hated it

Palestinian Propaganda Fail of the Day

Today's fail is courtesy of an anti-Israel twitter account called Palestine Live

Lying Linda Sarsour’s Vile Response to the Attempted Murder of Jews

With Israel under attack - at least 360 rockets have been fired at Israeli population centers the past few days - the evildoers of...

Palestinians Confirm What We Already Know: Israel Trying to Avoid Civilian Casualties

The surgical nature of our strikes have actually been confirmed by the palestinians themselves

Israel Condemned for Gazan Missile that Hit Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights Office

Not the first time the haters have blamed Israel for damage and injury caused by an errant palestinian-fired rocket, and they certainly will continue to do so

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Tweets Out Jewish Mourner’s Prayer For Dead Terrorist

Code Pinker Ariel Gold today tweeted out Kaddish, the Jewish mourner's prayer, for all the Gazans killed today, including arch terrorist Bahaa Abu al-Atta


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