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Latest Example of Palestinian Fauxtography Tries To Take Us For A Ride

Gaza Now tries to take people for a ride with their cheap propaganda tricks

Palestinians Bring Meaning to Expression “Using It As a Crutch”

Some good old fashioned palestinian propaganda...and innovation

Human Rights Watch Confirms Palestinian Toddler & Mother Were Killed By Their Own, Not...

Human Rights Watch have released a report that pretty much confirms what I already posited

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day

They sure don't stop trying

Gaza Propaganda Story Paints Telling Picture About Entire ‘Palestinian Cause’

Turkey's TRT World has a story about a Gazan artist called Ali al Jabali, who paints on destroyed buildings in Gaza "to capture what it means to live in the besieged city."

UNRWA Aid Being Illegally Sold to Gazans

Advertised on the Facebook page of Saqa Market in Gaza earlier this year: UNRWA milk

Gyms (And Calories) Booming in “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Welcome to Gaza, where the people are starving so much that...they need to work out due to eating too much and putting on weight.

American Punk Singer Daniel Dart Targets Israel

See if you can count the lies in his post

Confirmed as Fake: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Gaza Donation’ Story

We now have confirmation that it was a completely fake story - as I suspected

A Taste of “Concentration Camp” Gaza: Chalet Edition

I've already posted some of the Airbnb listings from Gaza, as well as the White Chalet Beach resort, but apparently there's a not insignificant number of holiday chalets in Gaza

Another Fake Story About Cristiano Ronaldo Donating to Gaza

Russia's RT reports that soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo donated $1.5 million to Gazans

WATCH: Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich Drops Some Truth Bombs About Gaza

This is not something you see every day: A Lebanese journalist cutting through the lies and propaganda about Gaza and placing the blame for the Gazans' predicament at the hands of the palestinian terrorist organizations.


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