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Shameful Reactions

Jews murdered while praying and the excuses and revolting reactions follow.

Douch’l And Greta

Two Israel haters respond to yesterday's horrific terror attack in Jerusalem in predictable style

Greta Berlin’s Unequivocal Support Of Terrorism

Caught in a lie yet again

Greta Berlin’s Callous Post About The Kidnapped Boys

I guess it shouldn't surprise us that this antisemite would hold such views

Separated At Birth – World’s Worst Facelift Edition

Greta Berlin's facelift was evidently performed by Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Greta Berlin Leaves Nasty Comment

And dare I say it, she seems rather shirty

Antisemite In Da Hood

Greta Berlin T-shirt photo gets the proper treatment

Shirting Responsibility For One’s Antisemitism

How does an antisemite deny they are an antisemite?

Greta Berlin, Bride Of Frankenstein

Antisemite and Israel hater Greta Berlin has posted to Facebook a photo of wanton destruction and horror

Greta’s Wishful Thinking

Did antisemite Greta Berlin really just wish for the elimination of all Jews in Israel?

Greta’s Great Timing

Antisemite and Israel hater Greta Berlin has posted a link to the fan page of an Israel supporter

Free Gaza Caught In A Lie (Again)

Free Gaza can't help themselves

Separated At Birth: C(o)untry Pumpkin Edition

Antisemite Greta Berlin and her "friend."


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