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WATCH: Sitting & Cracking Seeds While Watching People Die: How Hamas is Exploiting Children...

We already knew Hamas were exploiting children in Gaza, but this next short documentary video contains testimony - including from a palestinian journalist - showing how they are doing at the Gaza border riots as well.

Hamas’ BDS Plans Go Up in Flames

So much for Hamas' endorsement of BDS

Latest Libel: Hamas Claims Israeli Negotiators Never Mentioned Ethiopian-Israel Captive Avera Mengistu

Hamas lies in order to cause strife and demonize Israel further

Hamas MP Claims Jews Send Their Girls To Palestinian Boys To Give Them AIDS...

Remember how senior Hamas terrorist Fathi Hammad called for the worldwide slaughter of Jews? Universal condemnation prompted Hamas to backtrack, saying they have nothing against the Jewish people. I am beginning to think they may not have been entirely sincere

Those Bellyaching Hamas Leaders

Notice anything about these delegations of Hamas leaders?

WATCH: Andrew Bolt Rips Media for Ignoring Hamas Call for Mass Murder of Jews

Andrew Bolt proves he gets it yet again - and is willing to speak out loudly and clearly against media complicity in hiding palestinian terrorism and antisemitism.

Antisemitic Jews the Neturei Karta Defend Hamas in Wake of “Slaughter the Jews Worldwide”...

Fringe, nutbag group the Neturei Karta disgrace themselves again

Senior Hamas Terrorist Fathi Hammad Calls for the Worldwide Slaughter of Jews

"You have Jews everywhere and we must attack every Jew on the globe by way of slaughter and killing, if God permits. Enough of the warming up”

Paid Palestinian Trolls’ Hilarious Propaganda Clip

This is not satire, believe it or not

Hamas’ Latest Death by Klutz

Hamas has announced the death of one of their own, Mohammed Farid Klob, who was killed "as a result of a weapon error."

Hamas to Jeremy Corbyn: Thank You For Being a Friend

Hamas has posted a love note to Jeremy Corbyn

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: All Israel’s Fault

A Zionist Pugs cartoon in light of current events

First Ever Image of a Black Hole

Scientists today revealed the first image ever made of a black hole.


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