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mansour al shahateet

Released Palestinian Prisoner Claims Hamas Prisoners Beat Him Up

Last week Israel released palestinian prisoner Mansour Shahateet. He accused Hamas prisoners of beating him up.

Latest Libel: Israel Fired Rocket on Gazan Fishermen at Sea

Three palestinian Arab fishermen have been killed in an explosion off the coast of Gaza, and haters are blaming Israel.
hamas terrorist

Death of a Hamas Leprechaun

Hamas have announced the death of one of their terrorists, 60-year-old Anwar Shaban Dakka, who apparently lost his jihad against illness
Gaza dress

More Rights Stripped for Gazan Women

Remember how the mainstream media tried to paint Gaza as some kind of progressive society, where women can be taxi drivers and the like?
idf hizbullah valentines card

The IDF’s Latest Victory: The Internet on Valentines Day

I have been critical of some of the IDF Spokesperson's social media posts in the past, but they seem to have been on a bit of a roll recently

Palestinians Claim UAE Covid-19 Aid Convoy Sent to Gaza Was Useless

With the UAE generously providing Gaza with aid to help combat Covid-19, Hamas' Ministry of Health is claiming a recent convoy of it was pretty much useless

Indian News Outlet Tries to Pass off Photo of Gazan Rocket Damage in Israel...

Absolute India tries to pass off extensive damage inflicted upon us as damage we inflicted on Gaza

Hamas Grinches Launch Operation: Suck Up To Christians Following Criticism of Anti-Christian Measures

Yesterday I posted how Hamas had decided to “limit interaction” with Christmas celebrations in Gaza , drawing sharp criticism from many palestinian Arabs, especially Christians living in the Gaza Strip, but not a mention in the mainstream media. Now Hamas is attempting some pretty transparent damage control

Mainstream Media Hides Reality of Hamas Grinches Stealing Christmas

The MSM are not only are they silent night on this, but they are trying to paint Gaza as really in to the Christmas spirit

Hamas Boycotts Dairy Products…From the PA Controlled Territories

You read that right: Hamas is boycotting PA goods

Hamashole Pens Piece Attacking LGBTQ Community & Israel for Giving Them Rights

I guess it would be safe to say that former Hamas Representative in Tehran Mustafa Al-Lidawi is not a fan of the LGBTQ community

Senior Hamas-Hole Fathi Hammad Who Called For Slaughter of Worldwide Jewry Contracts Coronavirus

Senior Hamas official Fathi Hammad has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the terror group announces

Hamas Official Basem Naim: Our People Are Among Most Peace-Loving People On Earth

A member of the International Relations Office in Hamas, Basem Naim, said that our Palestinian people are among the peoples on earth who love peace and promote it among all human beings,
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