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Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour, Check Your History

This is priceless.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Lame Yet Revealing Hanukkah Greeting

I don't know whether to lie or cry.

WATCH: Elon Gold On Fire With Holidays Humor

One of my favorite comedians in action

Reader Post: Jacob, Joseph And The UN

Some lessons from the Torah

Hamas Proves Again They Are Raving Antisemites

Unbridled Jew hatred

Photo Of The Day: Hairnukkah Edition

Seen at a gym in Israel

CARTOON: The White House Celebration

Inspired by recent events

What IS Jeremy Corbyn Trying To Say In His Chanukkah Greeting Video?

This makes me about as uncomfortable as he looks!

Obama and Kerry’s Hypocrisy Burns Brightly

The hypocrisy of these two men could not be more apparent

Chanukah – Eighth Night

Israeli and German military officers talking

Modern Day Hanukkah Miracle

Thanks for this Miracle, Joachim Gauck

Meanwhile Their Children Learn To Hate

Every action figure comes ready with rock and ready to be shot by IDF.

WATCH: Adam Sandler’s Latest Hanukkah Song

With Hanukkah approaching, now seems like a good time as any to post Adam Sandler's latest version of his classic song
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