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Michael Chabon Shoos Away Pesky Jews

Chabon becomes another "stock" character of the "occupation"

What I Think About B’Tselem And The Hebron Soldier

B’Tselem are for the destruction of Israel: they’re not pro-Palestinian.

The Ongoing Failure Of Global Journalism

Leaving out critical background information is the mark of propagandists, not credible journalists.

The Victims Of The World’s Best Teacher’s Terrorist Husband

Hanan al-Hroub may be "the world's best teacher" but her husband was a terrorist with Jewish blood on his hands

Reader Post: Leave No Man Behind

Reader Zahava takes Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister to task

Hebron Palestinians Get To Party

Celebrating terrorism - gives new meaning to the words "party animals."

Palestinians Marry Off Two Ghouls

Old and busted: Four Weddings and a Funeral New hotness: A Funeral and a Wedding
Mughrabi Bridge wooden ramp

Where’s Our Status Quo?

How to change history without a DeLorean.

Are We Living On The Same Planet Lyse?

The BBC’s Lyse Doucet ask a completely insane question. And Bibi replies.
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