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How To Make An Antizionist Jew in 3 Easy Steps

Antizionism is seeing a sharp rise among young Jews, and the very programs that desire to buck that trend are in fact helping it.

Reader Post: How One Hillel Managed to Set Pro-Israel Advocacy Back

Damaging to our cause as pro Israel advocates

Guest Post (Shailee Mendelevich): Politics and Arts – Rattled by Red Rattler

An insider's take on recent events with the Red Rattler Theatre

Fighting For Israel On Campus, Is Hillel Up To The Task?

It may have never been more dangerous for Jewish students on American college campuses than it is right now. Is it time to consider a new model in defending Jewish students and advocating for the Jewish state?

Seattle Hillel: Angst in Spades

On the cusp of victory against a BDS resolution, Seattle's Hillel director asks if fighting BDS is worth the sacrifice.

Reader Post: Our Own Undermine Our Cause

Reader The College Rabbi says we need to examine what we in pro Israel camp can be doing to promote our just cause

Hillel, York, And The Lady From Wichita, Kansas

A mural constituting incitement to genocide deemed no big deal by Hillel or by a Federation representative from Wichita, Kansas, the mother of two college students.


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