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Nazi knife to kill Jews

Memories in the Living Room

Zikaron BaSalon – “Memories in the living room” aims to connect younger generations, in a more personal setting, with Holocaust survivors to hear their stories.

PA Tries To Pass Off Holocaust Victims As Palestinians

Our "peace partners"' latest low act

Another Human Rights Watch Employee Makes Light of the Holocaust

Meet Matthew Myers, Associate Director of Finance at Human Rights Watch

Reader Post: The Half-Truths from Poland

The Polish attempt to rewrite history is not a surprise. It’s a result of a complicated duality regarding the Polish role in WWII, as both perpetrator and a victim.

Dear Hypocritical World #NeverForget #InternationalHolocaustDay

Kay Wilson has a message for parts of the world on #InternationalHolocaustDay

How Can Germans Overcome Their Guilt Over the Holocaust?

Orit offers the recipe for overcoming Holocaust guilt

Tolerating Larry David

Larry David has no right, none - not as a Jew and not as a man, to take from her the horror

Gymboree’s Turn To Try Profit From “Holocaust Fashion” (Updated)

We have seen it all before: a clothing/fashion store peddling in offensive Holocaust-era fashion.

WATCH: The Message

This might be the best thing to come out of the New York Times since..ever

WATCH: Holocaust Survivor Sonia Warshawski Moves Prison Inmates To Tears

As Jews head into Yom Kippur tonight, a story of repentance seems appropriate

Sue Bolton, Israel-Hating Politician, Compares Marking Australia Day To Celebrating Holocaust

Naturally, this person insensitive to offending Jews hates Israel

‘Why I Went to Auschwitz’: Former NBA Player Ray Allen’s Powerful Piece

A powerful, poignant and thought-provoking piece - with a harsh reality check


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