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WATCH: Hamburger Hummus!

Hilarious new web series designed to promote Israel

WATCH: Hipster Or Hasidic?

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

A Bit Of Israeli Dark Humor

Because G-d knows we can do with the laugh

Palestinians Take Note: How To Not Murder

It's all about the strawberries

Friday Morning Funny: David Blatt’s Ummerican Anthem

David Blatt likes to say "umm." Jimmy Kimmel likes to be funny. Here's the result.

Watch: Take a Break – Kosher Butcher

James Corden, takes over the shift of a Western Kosher employee. Kosher hilarity ensues.

Watch: Bill Maher Explaining A Joke To Idiots

I can relate to this (as the joke teller..not the idiot....hopefully)

Friday Afternoon Funny: Cookie Monster, Life Coach

It's all about the cookie

Tuesday Night Funny: John Oliver Takes On Israeli Election Ads

An outsider's look at some of the Israeli elections ads to which we have been subjected

Tuesday Morning Funny: Sex(y) Ed

Introducing Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition in Britain

Snow in Jerusalem: Get A Room

Main road to Jerusalem, Israel to close Wednesday at midnight

Video: Jew-Off With Zach Braff & Kate Hudson

Who's the bigger Jew?

Video: John Cleese On Stupidity And Political Correctness

Great viewing for those like me who are not fans of political correctness, and are fans of John Cleese
photo display of fresh vegetbles

Photo of the Day: Vegetables in the Shuk

See if you can identify all of these vegetables
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