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The Value System

"when someone tells you over and over that they want to kill you and take everything from you, we need to listen"

History Matters: 5 Myths About Israel

There is a very real push to deny the history and almost the very existence of the Jewish people

A Letter To Palestinian Supporters Tempted To Co-Opt Native American Struggles

"My story is not yours, you cannot steal my peoples story anymore” - An Actual Indian.

Jews Who Aren’t Really Jewish Enough For Jew Haters

They admit that Israel is the land of the Jews, that the Jews are indigenous.

It’s Not An Argument

Where Ryan rips apart an "argument" against the Jews being indigenous to the land of Israel

Jews and Aboriginals: An Unbreakable Bond

The commonalities here are obvious

Another History Lesson

Ryan talks history

Quora And The Case Of The Invisible Hummus Eaters

When is a question about hummus not a question about hummus?

The History Lesson

We need to ask: how did we allow the twisting of the quintessential bully story?

Rain In Israel Proves Jews And Judaism Are Indigenous

Judaism was written in Israel and Israel is written into Judaism.

There Is A Constant Misuse Of The Term Genocide

Greek Geno meaning "people"; Cide meaning "killing or destruction”

Inside The Trojan Horse: Unlimited Jewish Ignorance

Ryan Bellerose exposes the duplicity of a Trojan Horse that bashes Israel from within.

Learning The Real History Of Israeli Independence

Today was an historic day, but also an inspirational day.


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