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Reader Post: Sometimes It’s Only One Side Doing The Tango

Daniel Borg asks what are the Arab Christians doing to tango in the creation of the new Caliphate?

To Lethally Bury The Lede

What has a stronger influence on a 15 year old girl: YouTube or her 29 year old boyfriend?

Joe’s World: ISIS eyes Gaza

But this isn't your typical jihad.

WATCH: The Islamic State Of Iran: Like ISIS Just Much Bigger

Continuing with the latest in this season’s run of Israeli Prime Minister’s office videos.

Gazan ISIS Terrorist Meets The Reaper

A cautionary tale

Earth To Sweden: It’s Terror With A Capital T

The Swedish police made an oopsie and almost said Palestinians are terrorists.

Highly Disturbing: Brazen Support Of ISIS In Jerusalem? (Updated)

If we are correct, this is mindblowing

Male Model Joins ISIS In Bad Career Move

Sharky Jama is no more

VIDEO: McCain Tells Obama To Get Over It

Always fun to watch the MSM get confronted with facts.

Quora: Are Israel And Saudi Arabia Best Buds?

Not all Quora questions about Israel are from trolls.

Reader Post: Marie Harf – Jobs for ISIS?

Economic prosperity does nothing to stem the tide of radical Islam, because terrorism isn't a problem rooted in economics but rather ideology

State Department’s Marie Harf: Giving ISIS Jobs Is The Solution, Not Killing Them

Seriously, I am beginning to believe the State Department finds their spokespeople off Craigslist


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