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Facebook Doesn’t See Any Hate Speech Or Graphic Violence On Islamic Jihad’s Page

So I decided to point it all out for them

Islamic Jihad WTF Moment

In the scope of things, what we observe is the complete opposite of what they do.

Islamic Jihad Does Facebook

And fails at image sourcing 101 and basic enemy tank identification.

Islamic Jihad Ramadan Poses

The Islamic Jihad website currently features some bizarre "Ramadan" photos

Popcorn Time

Just weeks after a Hamas-Islamic Jihad smackdown comes news of more internal terrorist organization strife

Hamas vs Islamic Jihad Smackdown

Grab the popcorn

The Islamic Jihad Kid In The Saudi Army Uniform

An interesting photo from the palestinian childrens' terror camp

Sick Palestinian Music Video

And I don't mean sick in the good sense

The Punishment

Mahmoud and Ahmed were made to pay by the Islamic Jihad training camp leaders for getting up late for the morning exercises

Islamic Jihad Vow To Kill Jews Who Return To Egypt

Remember last week's call to Egyptian Jews in Israel to return to Egypt? Well the number they have dialed has been disconnected

Islamic Jihad Arts And Crafts Committee

After losing members in Pillar of Defense, PIJ has resorted to amateurish kindergarten displays of genocide

Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Close-Knit Families

In this series, we present arguments FOR a palestinian state


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