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Islamic Jihad Arts And Crafts Committee

After losing members in Pillar of Defense, PIJ has resorted to amateurish kindergarten displays of genocide

Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Close-Knit Families

In this series, we present arguments FOR a palestinian state
Ahmed Nahal

Meet The Parents Excrements

Some of the terrorists killed during Israel's recent Operation Pillar of Defense

Guest Post: Suffer The Palestinian Journalists

A guest post by Israellycool's resident pest, Dickie Sliverstein

Gaza Hearts Iran

In case anyone was in any doubt regarding Iran's involvement in arming the terrorists in Gaza

Jihadists Like Journalists

Not just for the media bias but also as human shields

IDF Hits Rocket Launcher In Backyard of Mosque

For the record, the mosque was not hit, which would disappoint the terrorists looking to further tarnish Israel's image

Islamic Jihad Posts Photos And Video Of Underground Rocket Launcher

And it looks very much like it is in someone's backyard

Iranians Deny Supplying Palestinian Terrorists With Rockets

A senior Iranian official has denied Iran is supplying palestinian terrorists with the Fajr 5 missiles being fired at Tel Aviv. But not for the reason you might think

How To Bake A Terrorist

2 cups Media Gullibility, 1 cup whitewashing liquid, a dab of criminal journalism, add anti-Semitism by taste. Stir for 64 years, and bake in a useful idiot for 9 months.

We Kill Jews Movie Trailer

I thought it would be fun to take one of those corny terrorist-produced propaganda videos, and turn it into a movie trailer.

Scenes From An Islamic Jihad Parade In Gaza

You have to feel sorry for the palestinians of Gaza


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