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Confused Individual of the Day

Looks like someone fell asleep in Bible class.
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Scenes From An Islamic Jihad Rally

It's fun for the whole family.
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The Day In Israel: Tues Oct 26th, 2010

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has urged the Pope to denounce a statement by Melkite Catholic Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros at the recent Vatican Synod on the Middle East.
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The Day In Israel: Monday Aug 16th, 2010

Israel has made it clear we'll reject any Quartet preconditions for Middle East peace negotiations between Israel and the palestinans.

The Day In Israel: Wednesday July 21st, 2010

Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau has cancelled a travel warning issued on Turkey after the flotilla raid.
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The Day In Israel: Wednesday April 7th, 2010

On the same day that the guy who spied on him received a prison term, it was announced that IDF Chief of General Staff...
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The Day In Israel: Tuesday April 6th, 2010

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again gone on the attack against Israel. “We cannot be indifferent to the problems of the Islamic...

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Feb 24th, 2010

Following Sunday's Hamas denial that it had been infiltrated by Israel's Mossad, comes word that the son of founding Hamashole Sheikh Hassan Yousef worked...

The Day In Israel: Monday Feb 1st, 2010

Yet another explanation of the death of founding Hamashole Mahmoud al-Mabhouh: the killers got to him with the help of the Jizz. Top Hamas operative...

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Jan 13th, 2010

After Turkey's apology demand from Israel following Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon's treatment of the Turkish ambassador to Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly...

The Day In Israel: Sun Sept 27th, 2009

In the wake of evidence being presented of a clandestine Iranian nuclear facility, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the US House Speaker, as...

The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

Palestine Today, the Islamic Jihad mouthpiece in Gaza, publishes a "cartoon" that looks more like a movie poster: Apparently, Giant Abdul is aiming his rifle...

A Hair’s Breadth

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh discusses important matters with senior Islamic Jihad leader Nafez Azzam in Gaza. Haniyeh: "That's impressive. No matter for how long I...


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