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Islamic Jihad Raring to Go

Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad is not happy with the so-called ceasefire with Israel. You see, slowing down the killing of Jews is really not...

Khaled’s Nasty Surprise

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal knew his friend Ziad Nakhala, politburo member of Islamic Jihad, like to cup his hands when talking. But he considered...

Curious Targets

It seems like almost every week that we hear of Israeli Arabs being arrested on charges of planning terrorist attacks against Israelis. This week is...

Separated at Birth: Evil Edition

Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Khaled el-Batsh shows his connection to Evil.

About That Ceasefire..

Since the so-called ceasefire between Hamas and Israel that was announced six days ago, palestinian terrorists have fired a mortar shell at the Negev...

Death of a Terror Teacher

Do you remember the palestinian UNRWA teacher who moonlighted as a deputy commander/rocket maker for Islamic Jihad? The Australian has more on how he was...

Palestinian Teamwork

With the palestinians at each other's throats (let alone ours), it is good to see that palestinians affiliated with their moderate leader Mahmoud Abbas...

Murder of a Grandmother

Yesterday evening, the life of 70-year-old grandmother Shuli Katz (pictured left) was snuffed out by palestinian terrorists, who took credit for her death, referring...


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