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That Awkward Moment When ISM Fails Geography

The ISM tweets about a roadblock on a road to Ariel, when that road doesn't go to Ariel.

Rachel Corrie Supported Terrorism: In Her Own Words

Rachel Corrie clearly supported terrorism against Israel, as evidenced in some of her mails still posted on the ironically named Rachel Corrie Foundation For Peace and Justice site

Maybe The Dane Who Was Hit Wants To Try Protesting At Home

Why don't you see what happens if you protest in Copenhagen next time.

Palestinian Scouts Honor Murderer

From the society that brought us the suicide bomber and other depravities

Anti-Israel Crowd Realizes Buses Not Just For Blowing Up

Last week may have been the first International Conference on Medicine and Medical Clowning, but next week is the Conference of International Clowns Who Are Clearly Off Their Meds

New Flotilla On Its Way

There's a new flotilla on its way to Gaza. It's mission: to provoke Israel and undermine our security

Photo Of The Day

..enhanced with my Photoshopping skills, of course

Our Latest Weapon

Watch our latest weapon - Zionist Death ChucklerTM - take on Burqa bimbo Lauren Booth and some ISMer in an interview about the flotilla.

Little Lucas’ Lies

Little Lucas Koerner spins more lies in an interview with Palestine News Network.

Provocation Flotilla News

Relevant news and information regarding the so-called freedom flotilla to Gaza
lucas koerner

Moron of the Day

Kid's as sharp as a bowling ball.

ISM Organizing Murdered Tool-Inspired Convoy To Gaza

Anti-Israel-organization-masquerading-as-group-of-peace-activists, the ISM, has announced its latest initiative in the wake of the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, one of their own.
Lauren Booth hamas

Lauren Booth’s Latest Libel

Lauren Booth, the vapid Israel hater and recent convert to Islam, has explicitly accused Israel of being behind the killing of ISM tool Vittorio Arrigoni. Not to mention the killing of Jewish-Arab actor Juliano Mer Khamis.
Arrigoni mourning

The ISM’s Cynical Exploitation of Vittorio Arrigoni’s Murder

Following the murder of their fellow activist Vittorio Arrigoni, the ISM has responded against those palestinian groups who reportedly murdered him. Just kidding.


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