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Greetings from Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania!

Introducing our newest contributor

Orit Settles In At Israellycool

I would have never thought that Israellycool actually deserved its name

Where Roger Waters Attacks Israellycool

Roger Waters is not a fan of the site. Here's my response.

Sexiest Settler Post Makes Waves

A media report, radio interview and television interview all ensued

New Israellycool Contributor In Da House: Hi, I’m Leslie-Ann

Introducing our newest contributor

2014 For Israellycool: The Year In Stats

Some interesting numbers

The Ten Most Popular Israellycool Posts Of 2014

Which were the most popular posts of 2014?

Aussie Dave Interviewed On The Voice Of Israel

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Daniel Seaman and Daniela Traub on the Voice Of Israel

To E Or Not To E, That Is The Question

I am toying with an idea, but like all the cool kids these days, wanted to first crowd-source before investing too much of my time on it

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