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Even Quds News Network Admits Only 50+ Killed In Supposed Jenin “Massacre” of 2002

Remember the the Battle of Jenin during 2002, which the palestinian Arab propaganda machine claimed was a massacre?

Palestinians Attempt to Lynch Soldiers Who Entered Jenin By Accident

Today, a male and female soldier were lucky to get out of Jenin alive, after being set upon by villagers

The Demise Of Cinema Jenin And The Art Of Biased Reporting

A further example of the art of biased reporting and demise of objective mainstream media journalism

The Hunger Striking Palestinian Prisoner You Won’t Hear About

Not all Palestinian prisoners are equal for the Leftists.

Return Of The Zionist Tractor Of Death

It's baa-aack
terror prisoners protest

Yeah, Let’s Release Him

How do you spell Chutzpah in Arabic?
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