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WATCH: Antisemite Jenny Tonge Saying All The Wrong Things About the Rise of Antisemitism

"Jihad" Jenny Tonge speaks about the rise in antisemitism. Bad move on her part.

Jew Hater Baroness Jenny Tonge’s Anti-Arab Comment

So which is it? Blatant liar or anti-Arab?

Latest Libel: Israel Hid 300,000 Documents About Massacres Against Palestinians

Yet another libel, this time helped along its way by Jihad Jenny

Jew Hater Simone O’Broin Goes off at Fellow Haters in Epic Rant

The Jew hater turns on her own

“Jihad” Jenny Tonge Claims Nurse Terrorist Was Innocent

Remember, this is a Baroness and member of England's House of Lords

Jew Hater Jenny Tonge’s Vile Reaction to Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

I am sure it matters little to Tonge that the murderer likely had no love for her beloved palestinians

“Jihad” Jenny Tonge Gets Sloppy and Allows Inner Jew Hater to Surface Again

The prune-faced witch is finding it harder and harder to restrain the inner Jew hater.

‘Jihad’ Jenny Tonge Caught Posting Antisemitic Cartoon

It is way past time for her to be expelled from the House of Lords

Jihad Jenny Tonge Takes Another Swing At Israel Via Wonderful Stories

It doesn’t matter what Israelis do or is done to them, “it still does not excuse the Occupation”

Jeremy Corbyn’s Trip To Assad With Jihad Jenny And Antisemitic Group

More revelations confirming that Corbyn has a Jew problem

In Which Kay Wilson Is Invited Round To Tea By Jenny Tonge

I think only good things would come of organising a tea party for Jihad Jenny.

Jihad Jenny Tonge Going To Corbyn’s Labour Party

I’m sure she’ll be as happy as a pig in mud over there.


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