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Jeremy Corbyn Springs Into Action Following Rapper Wiley’s Antisemitic Meltdown

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently became aware of the antisemitic tweets of rapper Wiley, someone with whom he corresponded before.

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn’s Funniest Moments

Watching this, I realize that Jeremy Corbyn is not only an antisemite. He's also a huge buffoon

Jeremy Corbyn, Ding-a-ling

Jeremy Corbyn may no longer be the UK Labour Party leader, but he's still ripe for the picking when it comes to mocking him for his antisemitism and terror support

Feeling Guilty? You Must Be Jewish!

Jewish guilt costs Jewish lives. No more guilt!

Staggering Poll Results Show Extent of Antisemitism Within UK Labour Party

In case you think the antisemitism of the UK Labour Party is just a problem with a lunatic fringe within the party, think again

Jeremy Corbyn Undone By Golda Meir’s Spoon

Remember Israeli psychic Uri Geller vowed to try use his Zionist Mind Powers of Doomᵀᴹ to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister?

WATCH: Jewish Candidate Yosef David’s Priceless Mockery of Jeremy Corbyn

Yesterday I posted video of Yosef David, the Jewish Brexit candidate who lost in his bid for Jeremy Corbyn's seat. It turns out the video ended too early - there was a more priceless scene to come

Jeremy Corbyn Set for Crushing Defeat in UK Elections

Great news from the UK

Priceless! Jewish Voice for Labour Sprung Using Duplicate Images to Inflate Number of Jews...

A group that has defended the British Labour Party amid a years-long antisemitism scandal and heavy criticism from the British Jewish community was mocked online after releasing a mosaic of supporters that was filled with duplicate images.

Separated at Birth: Antismurfitic Edition

Who does Jeremy Corbyn look like?

Jeremy Corbyn: Yallah, Make Britain Gulag Again!

BBC: Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, the other day, you finally said, ‘Obviously, I’m very sorry for everything that’s happened’. What exactly are you sorry for? Corbyn:...


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