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WATCH: In Jeremy Corbyn’s Utopian World, There are No Jews

No Jews allowed, I guess.

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Annoyed By Pressure on BBC to Say “Israel Has a Right...

If it was just Jeremy Corbyn speaking with Iranian state TV, it would be bad enough.

More Damning Evidence The Pro-Corbyn Letter From Anti-Israel Rabbis Was Fake

My friend David Collier - who is one heck of a researcher - has a lot more on the pro-Corbyn letter purportedly written by a group called United European Jews.

Corbynite Tries to Silence Me Over Post Calling into Question Legitimacy of Pro-Corbyn Letter

Following my post yesterday on the letter purportedly from a group called United European Jews, which called into question its legitimacy,  a twitter user/Corbyn supporter has attempted to sic the UK police on to me for "hate speech."

Something Not Kosher About Pro-Corbynista-Disseminated Letter from Anti-Israel Jews

The following letter - purportedly from a group called United European Jews - has been circulated by the anti-Israel, pro-Corbyn crowd

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn’s Antisemitism Cannot Be Contained

Jeremy Corbyn has mis-pronounced the name of notorious society paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to make him sound more Jewish

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Engaging in Antisemitic Trope

Jeremy Corbyn sure loves the taste of his own foot

Roger Waters, Mark Ruffalo, and Brian Eno Among Haters Declaring Support for Antisemite Jeremy...

A few days ago, I posted about a letter from a number of celebrities declaring they could not vote for Labour due to its antisemitism problem. A number of other celebrities have now come out with their own letter - declaring support for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

‘UK Celebrities Declare They Cannot Vote Labour Due to Antisemitism Concerns

24 signatories, including 'Spiderman' Tom Holland, 'Absolutely Fabulous' Joanna Lumley, Wikiepedia's Jimmy Wales, and famed espionage writer John le Carré, have spoken out against Jeremy Corbyn

Turns out the Guy Who Heckled Jeremy Corbyn Has Much In Common With Him

The guy who I described as an unidentified Scottish hero yesterday for calling Jeremy Corbyn out on his terror support has been identified as Reverend Richard Cameron. And he is no hero.

MUST WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Heckled About His Terror Support

While touring Scotland, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was heckled by someone. It is a thing of beauty


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