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Jeremy Corbyn’s Wife Spotted at Antisemitic Event

Old and busted: "The Force is strong in my family" - Luke Skywalker. New hotness: "The antisemitism is strong in my family" - Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Trolling Has Gotten Out of Hand

Jeremy Corbyn, I am disgusted by you and your Labour Party

WATCH: Glorious Rippings of Jeremy Corbyn By Former UK Labour MP and Conservative MP

I hope you can hear what UK MP's Ian Austin and Bob Seely have to say about Jeremy Corbyn...over the sound of me munching on popcorn.

Sharon Osbourne Rips “Most Arrogant, Ugly F**k” Jeremy Corbyn

Tell us how you really feel, Sharon!

WATCH: Peak Corbyn Response to Question on Antisemitism of the Left

In a recent interview with Sky News, UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was questioned extensively about antisemitism within the party. His response to a question regarding whether some on the Left "have a blind spot on antisemitism" is peak Corbyn.

WATCH: Boris Johnson Flays Jeremy Corbyn and Labour

New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is bound to provide a lot of entertainment!

Boris Johnson’s New Cabinet is the Stuff of Nightmares for Jeremy Corbyn…and Fellow Israel...

Perhaps this is part of the reason why the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to undermine Boris and portray him as some kind of buffoon.

Jeremy Corbyn, Troll Extraordinaire

Jeremy Corbyn really has no shame

Where Even (Mr) Wikipedia Can Find ‘No Words’ Over Jeremy Corbyn’s Antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn tweets his support for an antisemite - and Jimmy Wales is speechless

WATCH: Is Labour Antisemitic?

From last night's "Is Labour Anti-Semitic?" program on BBC Panoroma

Where Even Israel Hater and Corbyn Ally Billy Bragg Thinks UK Labor Has Antisemitism...

When someone like Bragg admits Labor has an antisemitism problem, surely they do.

Hamas to Jeremy Corbyn: Thank You For Being a Friend

Hamas has posted a love note to Jeremy Corbyn


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