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Shocked! Jeremy Corbyn Declines Invite to Balfour Declaration Event

File this under No Sh*t Sherlock

J Street Co-Founder Running For Congress & Inspired By Israel Hater

Dan Kohl is running for congress under a familar slogan

A Message for UK Jews

The UK will be facing two things in the future

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Defending His Terrorist “Friends” & Attacking Israel

The terror supporting antics of Labor leader and PM candidate Jeremy Corbyn

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn To Jewish Community “Some Of My Best Friends Are Jewish”

UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn lying through his teeth

Jeremy Corbyn Honored Munich Terrorist At ‘Poignant’ Ceremony

He sure seems to love his Jew hating, terrorist scum and villainy

Exposé Reveals Jeremy Corbyn’s Association With Holocaust Deniers

More trouble for UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn

The Constipated Looks Of Corbyn

I've noticed Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn regularly looks constipated
Gratrex and Corbyn

Hugging Antisemitism at the Labour Party Conference

A real antisemitic Labour love-fest

What IS Jeremy Corbyn Trying To Say In His Chanukkah Greeting Video?

This makes me about as uncomfortable as he looks!

Jeremy Corbyn At SJP Founder’s Anti-Israel Book Signing

More worrying signs from the UK


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