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The Day In Israel: Tuesday Dec 1st, 2009

The UN has been marking as a day of mourning the day on which it recommended partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an...

The Day In Israel: Thurs Oct 29th, 2009

Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev, has warned that the Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead will not go away. The Goldstone Report on...

The Day In Israel: Thurs Oct 8th, 2009

Believe it or not, anti-Israel celebrity Vanessa Redgrave has opposed those who protested the Toronto Film Festival's decision to showcase Tel Aviv. British actress Vanessa...

The Day In Israel: Tues Sept 29th, 2009

****************************************************************************************** Want to learn how to shoot with top Israeli anti-terror experts? Click here for more details. ****************************************************************************************** Last night, the IAF struck a rocket launching device...

The Day In Israel: Fri Sept 18th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice responded to the Goldstone report. "We have very serious...

The Day In Israel: Thurs Sept 10th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Damascus-based Hamashole Khaled Mashaal admitted his group produces and smuggles weapons despite Israel's "blockade" on Gaza. "Your...

The Day In Israel: Wed Sept 2nd, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Outgoing IAEA (potato) head Mohamed ElBaradei called the Iranian threat "hyped," saying there is no proof...

The Wrong Elliot

Now this is what I call a cock-up. Courtesy of the ever (un)reliable Jerusalem Post picture-caption-generator-thingamebob.

Jerusalem Post Slams Silverstein

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein posts about his treatment at the hands of the Jerusalem Post, who slammed the numbskull a week after I did. http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2008/12/13/jerusalem-post-slams-my-mumbai-comment-is-free-post/ I’ve...

Today’s Jerusalem Post Freudian Slip

(hat tip: Shy Guy)

Today’s Jerusalem Post Blunder

From the Jerusalem Post: Of course,given that the Israeli was injured by a palestinian-thrown rock, it would have been logical to have included a picture...

Today’s Jerusalem Post Caption Blunder

..or is it more a commentary on Bibi's new approach?

Today’s Jerusalem Post Caption Blooper

Maybe he's in disguise, evading the radar of those dangerous "far-right elements" (hat tip: Shy Guy).

Shame on the Jerusalem Post

Taken from their front page: Peace activists, huh? At least the Post mentions they were greeted by "Hamas men", which should indicate to you the...


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